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We have the eye for quality

With over 260,000 blades delivered over four decades, we are experts in wind turbine blade design and manufacturing. Both are critical to ensure a high quality outcome in the end.

As blade specialists, we know what it takes to:

  • Test materials down to the details: Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow us to test samples of every material, millions of times, to prove they have the reliability to last more than 20 years.
  • Validate structural design: With full scale blade tests, we go beyond certification requirements to validate the strength of the blade as well as all the design details.
  • Invest in training: In any LM Wind Power factory around the world, you can be sure that every employee has been trained and re-trained to produce blades the same way, meeting the same high quality standards, every time.

The result: Blades you can rely on.



We know blades

Here's what it takes to build the most reliable, advanced and high-quality blades in the industry.