Record-breaking blades

    More than 30 years of experience

    The rotor is the motor and we know it. Our expertise is based on a proven track record: approximately every fifth wind turbine in the world is fitted with LM Wind Power blades. It's safe to say we have mastered the art of blade design and manufacturing.

    The blades are the motor in a wind turbine and they extract all the energy from the wind. Our products, with their superior technology and engineering, have been at the forefront of the wind industry for over three decades and contributed to making wind energy competitive compared to conventional power sources.

    The most direct way to exert any decisive influence on the price of wind power is by increasing annual energy production. Our central ambition, which we share with our customers, is to deliver rotor solutions which enhance the performance of turbines, thereby continuously reducing the Cost of Energy.

    Reliability comes from Experience

    Record-breaking blades

    Explore what it takes to manufacture a record-breaker – the LM 88.4P, the longest, most advanced, wind turbine blade in the world when it was introduced in 2016. 

    nominal capacity

    1.5 MW - 2 MW

    Optimized blade solutions are setting new standards for Cost of Energy. Using flexible building blocks, we find the optimal fit for your turbine.

    nominal capacity

    2.5 MW - 3.3 MW

    Based on modular technology featuring modular aerodynamics, modular structure and modular manufacturing tooling, we deliver customized blades in mixes of length and structure for 2.5-3.3 MW turbines and extend their life cycle into lower-wind regions.

    Rudong, China - 73 Plus erection
    nominal capacity

    5 MW - 6 MW

    The complexities of the marine environment demand high-quality, reliable technologies which ensure predictable OPEX and overall business case certainty. LM Wind Power is a proven leader in this sector, as the first company to install offshore blades. 

    Go Offshore

    Six reasons to go offshore

    Learn why LM Wind Power should be your partner of choice to weather the stormy seas

    Offshore wind farm at Middelgrunden Copenhagen. Row of wind turbines.

    Features & add-ons

    Standard and add-on features, tailored to your specific needs.


    We know blades

    What does it take to build a reliable  blade, able to withstand whatever forces nature brings its way over more than 20 years?

    A service technician after finishing his work on a wind turbine.

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