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    Managing responsibly

    You can't manage what you don't measure.

    We have a long history of developing and producing sustainable energy technologies which enhance the world we live in to the benefit of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and society. We produce blades that power wind turbines worldwide, generating millions of watts of clean energy every year. By helping to bring clean, affordable energy to people all over the world, we help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges – fighting climate change and working to end poverty. This is why Sustainability is inherently close to our business model – the success of our company depends on the transition to a more sustainable energy system and economy.

    The first dedicated Sustainability efforts can be traced back to when we became signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in 2010. As our Sustainability policies and reporting matured over the years, our ambitions began to rise. Our most recent Sustainability pledge, launched in late 2016, is the most ambitious Sustainability program so far – aiming for a zero carbon footprint by reducing and offsetting all our emissions. Every year since signing up to the United Nations Global Compact, we have reported on our Sustainability performance. This year again, we report the state of Sustainability within the business, sharing the highlight achievements on our four focus areas – Safety, Environment, Technology and People.

    Explore our latest Sustainability report here.

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    Sustainability performance 2017

    View our latest sustainability highlights.

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