Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world

Join our effort to make the case for wind: a powerful renewable energy choice to sustain the planet we all know and enjoy. Every day we build reliable rotor blades to bring down the cost of energy. What's your contribution?

    the case for wind

    Wind rests the case

    With the backdrop of  increasingly unsustainable fossil fuel use and the consequent
    environmental impacts, wind  proves to be  a cost-effective, clean and renewable
     source of energy.

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    Sustainability at our core

    What does that mean to us?

    We are proud of our contribution to a cleaner world, but we recognize that the manufacturing process comes with a footprint and we are determined to become leaner, greener and cleaner throughout our operations.


    How to harness the power of wind at 300 KPH

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    Knowledge is our most important raw material and we make every effort to cultivate it.


    Annual Report 2016

    2016 can be justifiably described as a truly outstanding year for LM Wind Power, which continued the trend of consistently improving performance across the whole company. Explore our 2016 Annual Report highlights and download the full report here.  

    Wind turbines in a misty landscape in the Mojagazas Wind Farm Masegoso, Albacete in Spain.
    Products & services

    It's an LM Wind Power blade

    Our wind turbine blades are advanced creations:  designed, manufactured and validated with cutting-edge tools to endure the forces of nature for more than 20 years.

    195,000 Blades  since 1978
    1/5 Turbines world wide have LM Wind Power blades
    8,178 Employees year-end 2016
    June 29, 2017

    Wind powers rural development in Castellón, Spain


    Global footprint

    In 10 countries on 4 continents

    With blades factories in all major wind energy markets across four continents,  our reach extends beyond anyone else and puts us in pole position to respond faster than competition to the needs of the market. 

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