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Sustainability in Action: Repurposing Wind Turbine Blades for Urban Landscapes

Repurposing wind turbine blades with sustainable principles by giving these large structures a second life instead of disposing of them in landfills, reduces the environmental impact associated with their disposal and promotes a circular economy approach. The unique shapes and sizes of wind turbine blades offers endless creative possibilities for architects and artists to explore, adding character and charm to public spaces. The blades can be transformed into functional urban amenities such as benches, shelters, playground equipment, or even pedestrian bridges.

The project “Blades for repurpose” at Kolding harbor was chosen by the Culture Committee in Kolding Municipality as part of an initiative to revitalize urban spaces in the inner harbor. The project is a partnership between LM Wind Power and design studio Kirt x Thomsen with illustrations by a local artist.

The wind turbine blade itself and the graffiti art on the blade tells a story about how the wind industry has been leading the way in the green transition the last 35 years. The blade on display at Kolding harbor originates from LM Wind Power’s plant in Lunderskov and was deployed on the world’s first offshore wind farm, Vindeby, which was commissioned in 1991 and decommissioned in 2017. Today, offshore blades have multiplied in size, with current models exceeding 100 meters in length. Remarkably, LM Wind Power's 107-meter blades are currently powering GE Vernova’s Haliade-X wind turbines at the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, poised to become the world’s largest upon completion. The Vindeby windfarm had an installed capacity of 5 MW able to produce annual power equivalent to 2,200 Danish households. The Dogger Bank Wind Farm will have an installed capacity of 3.6 GW (3600 MW) and will generate clean energy for 6 million English homes once completed and fully operational in 2026.

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Repurposing Wind Turbine Blades