Technology Centers

    From manufacturing furniture, to boats, to wind turbine blades, we constantly re-invent our products and the way we work. Today, engineers at our global network of Technology Centers develop and validate cutting-edge wind turbine blade designs, thereby making wind power more compelling by reducing the cost of energy.

    Innovation is in our DNA

    While our history is replete with examples of invention and re-invention, our approach to innovation today is targeted and has a clear direction.

    As difficult as it is to completely ‘systematize’ something as indefinable as creativity, we have developed a corporate culture that places clear value and direction on novel ideas.

    At LM Wind Power we constantly work on new technologies to both enhance performance and push the limits on wind farm location. Some of our most prominent examples are our lightning protection system, high performance leading edge protection, advanced monitoring systems, de-icing and aerodynamic add-on features, along with many more products in the pipeline.

    Many innovations originate in our global network of Technology Centers in Denmark, the Netherlands, India, the U.S. and UK, which are staffed by nearly 600 engineers. However, innovation is very much in our DNA across all of LM Wind Power, and is not simply restricted to our product innovations. Innovation for us is holistic, but with a firm focus on making wind compelling, competitive and cost-effective.

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    40+ years of blade engineering experience
    600 highly-skilled engineers worldwide as of July 2019
    215,000+ blades produced since 1978
    Technology Centers

    Test & Validation Center, Denmark

    Lunderskov, Denmark

    The place where our story began! Today our Technology Center for Europe, located near our headquarters, continues our leadership in the birthplace of the modern wind industry.

    Technology Centers

    Technology Center India

    Bangalore, India

    TCI's more than 200 employees work across all aspects of our business, including new product introduction, supply chain optimization and manufacturing efficiency.

    Technology Centers

    Technology Center Americas

    New Orleans, USA

    TCA develops and tests new techniques for designing and building blades - providing our North American customers with local engineering expertise, ready to serve one of the world's largest wind power markets.

    Technology Centers

    WMC Technology Center Netherlands

    Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands

    Acquired by LM Wind Power in 2018, WMC provides test and validation expertise to customers in the wind industry and beyond.

    Technology CenTers

    Heerhugowaard Engineering Office

    Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands

    This engineering office has a long history of supporting the design, manufacturing, sales and service of wind turbine blades, going back to the 1980s.

    Technology Centers

    Southampton Engineering Office

    Southampton, UK

    Originally part of Blade Dynamics, this engineering office was acquired by GE in 2015 and became a welcome addition to LM Wind Power's global technology network in 2018.

    Go Carbon Neutral


    10 steps to becoming a carbon neutral business

    We're the first wind business to go carbon neutral. Now, it's time to inspire others to take up the challenge! Experience our journey in 10 Steps, and start your own:


    We know blades

    We are blade specialists, and we know what it takes to build the most advanced, reliable and high-quality wind turbine blades in the industry.


    Our roots

    Lunderskov Møbelfabrik, or in English Lunderskov Furniture Company, is where it all started  — a long way from the massive composite structures LM Wind Power produces today.

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