tailored to specific needs

    All LM Wind Power blades integrate standard features into the overall blade design, and we custom-develop and fit add-ons onto blades in consultation with our customers.

    Blade features: standard and add-ons

    Our products come with a series of standard and add-on features that define our blades. The features blend high performance and reliability, over the years positioning LM Wind Power as the largest and preferred supplier of wind turbine blades.

    The standard features for all LM Wind Power blade types include pre-bending, integrated gel coat, lightning conducting systems, low noise tips and tried and tested root solutions. We customize certain add-ons for each blade type in consultation with our customers, including the SafeReceptor insulated lightning protection system, leading edge tape for reliability and vortex generators on the blade surface to maximize performance.

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    Focus on features

    Standard features

    These features bring a great blend of high performance and reliability.

    Integrated gelcoat
    Low-noise tip
    Lightning strike registration
    SuperRoot - tried and tested root solution

    Focus on features


    We customize these add-ons for each blade type in consultation with our customers.

    Leading edge erosion protection
    Vortex generators
    The SafeReceptor insulated lightning protection system
    De-icing system


    Blade types

    Our innovative designs have defined generations of wind turbine blades, and we continue to inspire and define the industry with cutting-edge technology and products.

    Features & Add-ons 

    Certified insurance

    Strike the lightning away.

    Wind turbines operate in remote locations and in all kinds of rough weather conditions. To protect the turbine from lightning strikes, all LM Wind Power blades produced since 2011 feature the world-class SafeReceptor Insulated Lightning Protection System. The system is certified by GL according to IEC 61400-22(2010) and IEC 61400-24(2010).


    We create value for the long term

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