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Sustainability in Action: Repurposing Wind Turbine Blades for Urban Landscapes

Thank you for your interest in the Kolding harbor project. The project was chosen by the Culture Committee in Kolding Municipality as part of an initiative to revitalize urban spaces, and LM Wind Power partnered with design studio Kirt x Thomsen and local artist Bo Virvar to make this project happen. The items will be removed again in September 2024. Here you can find information about LM Wind Power’s 17-meter blade and the three blade pieces that are showcased.

The Blade

The blade originated from LM Wind Power’s plant in Lunderskov and was deployed on the Vindeby wind farm, which is the world’s first offshore wind farm and was commissioned in 1991. Today, offshore blades have multiplied in size, with current models exceeding 100 meters in length. Remarkably, LM Wind Power's 107-meter blades are currently powering GE Vernova’s Haliade-X wind turbine at the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, poised to become the world’s largest upon completion.

About LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power was established in 1940 in Lunderskov, originally making furniture but soon focusing on glass-fiber solutions, changing name to LM Glasfiber in 1965. Today, LM Wind Power is headquartered in Kolding and is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality blades for wind turbines with blade services solutions with factories all over the world. LM Wind Power has produced over 270,000 blades since 1978, corresponding to 152 GW installed capacity. As part of the Company’s sustainability journey, LM Wind Power became the first carbon neutral company in the wind industry in 2018 and is committed to building Zero Waste Blades by 2030.


LM Wind Power leads in blade technology and sustainability while focusing on responsible manufacturing and lifecycle management of products. striving to find innovative and sustainable solutions whenever possible. One such solution involves creative repurposing of decommissioned wind turbine blades, that has emerged as a sustainable solution to eliminate landfill and extend the usefulness of the end-of life blades. Turning blades into a bench is one way, but we are working together with our partners in the industry to find more alternative solutions.

Do you want to learn more about sustainability at LM Wind Power? Read our Sustainability report here