Technology Center India

    Bangalore, India

    Founded in 2007 with only 15 engineers, Technology Center India (TCI) is today a vital hub in the LM Wind Power global network with more than 200 employees working across all aspects of our business, including new product introduction, supply chain optimization and making sure our plants run as efficiently as possible.

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    2007 founded with only 15 employees
    200+ employees as of July 2019
    2 blade factories in India supported by local engineering expertise
    Technology Centers

    "One team" philosophy

    We spoke to three TCI team members about why they enjoy working at LM Wind Power, and how they see the role of TCI evolving as part of the One Team approach.

    Products & Services

    Global Technology Center Network

    LM Wind Power offers top-notch wind turbine blade design, testing and validation capabilities across the globe, meeting our customers' needs in every region where they operate. Learn more about our expertise and services at each site.

    Go Carbon Neutral


    10 steps to becoming a carbon neutral business

    We're the first wind business to go carbon neutral. Now, it's time to inspire others to take up the challenge! Experience our journey in 10 Steps, and start your own:


    We know blades

    We are blade specialists, and we know what it takes to build the most advanced, reliable and high-quality wind turbine blades in the industry.

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