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Why you should take this step

You’re leading the way to a cleaner world – that’s an achievement worth celebrating! Along the way, you engaged a coalition of enthusiastic colleagues, who are now ready to spread the news. Announce the moment you became carbon neutral, and then share your lessons learned along the way. Inspiring other companies to become carbon neutral is how you’ll truly create a lasting impact on our planet.

Create employees with purpose

People want to work for a company with a purpose beyond profit. In a carbon neutral business, purpose and profit go hand-in-hand. When you announce your achievement, you’ll motivate, inspire and excite your colleagues. Ask them to share, in their own words, what ‘carbon neutrality’ means and why it is important to your business. These collective, authentic voices are your best advocates as you look to inspire your supply chain.

Why you should tell the world

Act on climate

Act on climate

The planet suffers from climate change, but we still have a chance to do something about it. Share your story to remind people that mitigating climate change starts with individuals and businesses taking responsibility for their emissions.

Create a movement

Create a movement

If only a handful of companies go carbon neutral, the impact on global climate change will be very limited. Inspire others to become carbon neutral, by sharing the story of how you achieved it.

Be a thought leader

Be a thought leader

‘Sustainable business’ is now a well-deserved element of your brand – embrace it! Use your experiences and data to show that sustainable business is good business, from both a financial and environmental perspective.


Spread the word

In 2018, LM Wind Power became the first carbon neutral business in the wind industry! We’re proud, energized and spreading the news – from our website, wind industry outlets, employee newsletters, social media, conferences, Sustainability Report and beyond. We’ve achieved something great, but true success is when we see other businesses begin to follow our lead.
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Remember the bigger picture. One company alone cannot solve the climate challenge – we all need to take responsibility for our impact on the planet. Becoming a carbon neutral business is a step in the right direction, but now it’s time to help others follow this path!
The LM Wind Power way

Support the movement

We believe carbon neutrality starts with taking responsibility for the emissions you produce and directly influence – that was the essence of our pledge, and we achieved it in 2018. But, how can we inspire our suppliers, customers and end-users to take responsibility for their link in the full life cycle of our product? That’s where this ‘10 Steps’ guide comes in! Please share our 10 Steps to continue the movement.

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