Carbon neutrality made simple!

    In December 2016, we decided to take the company carbon neutral through a program called ‘CleanLM’. But, to what extent do you actually understand what it means to go ‘carbon neutral’ and why does going carbon neutral matter in the first place? In this Special edition Newsletter, Sustainability GO!, we cover the what, how and why of carbon neutrality, and our progress so far. If you are keen to learn more about carbon neutrality, this is your starting point!

    In December 2016, we announced our carbon neutrality pledge 'CleanLM'. CleanLM will not only make us a greener business, it will also save costs by optimizing the way in which we use energy. Our ambition to go carbon neutral is leading the wind industry and signals our commitment to keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius. All employees can be highly engaged in this ambition by developing innovative processes and technology and thinking of ways to reduce emissions.

    Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Senior Manager, Communications & Sustainability, leads the global implementation of CleanLM. According to Lene, reading this special edition of Sustainability GO!, will give you all the basics of the CleanLM program, in just four pages!

    “We would like to invite everyone in the company to think with us on this pledge, but we also recognize that understanding carbon neutrality and the themes that surround it is not easy,” Lene said. “This is why we are launching an internal communications campaign to improve awareness of CleanLM, and the release of the Sustainability GO! marks the start.”

    This Sustainability GO! newsletter explains carbon neutrality in the simplest language and covers:

    • What is carbon neutrality?
    • What does it mean to go carbon neutral?
    • How can carbon neutrality be achieved?
    • Why does CEO, Marc de Jong regard going carbon neutral as the right thing for the business?
    • What is our progress on becoming a carbon neutral company?
    • Where do our carbon emissions come from?
    • What do terms like ‘carbon footprint’, ‘carbon offsetting’ and ‘greenhouse gas accounting’ mean?

    Read the full Sustainability GO! here
    and stay tuned when we take explanations of carbon neutrality to the next level in the months to come!

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen ( or Chris Berkhout (

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    CleanLM: GO!

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