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Why you should take this step

Congratulations – your business is now carbon neutral! But, your journey doesn’t end here. To maintain your carbon neutral status, every year you need to prove you’ve balanced the emissions you produce with the emissions you reduce or offset. Carbon neutrality is an iterative process, meaning each time you repeat the cycle, you move closer to your desired result: becoming a truly lean and green business.

Questions on your mind

  • Will my carbon neutrality achievement stand up to public scrutiny?
  • How do I improve my data quality and collection process?
  • How do I ensure continued support and funding for my carbon neutrality program?

Time to reflect

To become a carbon neutral business, you made many decisions along the way. You collected data to create your emissions baseline, and then you investigated a variety of opportunities to reduce your emissions, switch to renewable electricity and invest in carbon reduction projects. Ultimately, you implemented some initiatives and deprioritized others. Take a moment to reflect on the choices you made along your carbon neutrality journey so far, and how you might improve going forward.

Reflection point

Do you think your target was too ambitious?

Are you satisfied with your external partner/s?

Was your emission calculation largely based on assumptions?

Do your colleagues understand and support carbon neutrality?

Did you significantly reduce the emissions produced by your business?

Is your business powered by renewable electricity?

Did you buy carbon credits to offset a large portion of your emissions?

Tip background


Think about what comes next for your company. Perhaps you want to raise the bar and go for an even more ambitious emission reduction target or include more emissions in the scope of your carbon neutrality claim. You’re already leading the way – why not step up to the next level?
The lm wind power way

Let's create balance

Reducing and offsetting our emissions is a balancing act, which must be built on reliable data. We continually refine our accounting process to reveal ways we can emit less CO2.
Let's creeate balance Let's creeate balance

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