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This guide reveals what it takes to go carbon neutral, based on LM Wind Power’s journey: CleanLM.
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Why we wrote this guide

As one of the first companies to go carbon neutral, we couldn’t follow a clear, predefined path. We had to constantly explore new turf, learn and adjust along the way – at times, we really wished we had a guide! While each business’ carbon neutrality journey will take its own twists and turns, we hope our ‘10 Steps to Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business’ will help you to set your direction and reach your goal.

Let's create balance

Mitigating global climate change can’t be achieved by one company alone. But, if we all take responsibility for our own impact in the value chain, we can make a real difference and leave a better planet behind for our children and grandchildren. Together, let’s create balance.

Our pledge

As any other business, much of what we do at LM Wind Power releases greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global climate change. As the first wind company to become carbon neutral through our ‘CleanLM’ program, we take responsibility for our environmental impact – but that’s not the only reason for our pledge. CleanLM also proves that greener business is leaner business and, therefore, more profitable.
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Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world

Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world

- The LM Wind Power vision

Green business is good business

While going carbon neutral, we proved that greening our business is good business. Our CleanLM team identified significant cost savings through energy efficiency measures and switching to renewable energy. For instance, in 2018 our energy efficiency drive identified approximately $3 million annual savings! And, a solar Power Purchase Agreement at our Dabaspet, India factory is already saving tens of thousands of dollars every month. By sourcing 100 percent renewable energy and investing in carbon offsetting projects focused on clean energy access, we also support wind energy market growth and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What we gained from going carbon neutral

  • Business improvement, cost reduction and operational efficiency
  • Employee engagement, motivation and pride
  • Wind energy market growth, through demand for clean energy
  • Reputation value as sustainability leaders
  • Delivering our vision to create a cleaner world
The lm wind power way

Meet the 10 steps team

Achieving carbon neutrality relied on the support of countless, dedicated colleagues across LM Wind Power and GE Renewable Energy. Meet the team behind this 10 Step guide: Katelyn Huber, website content creator; Gitte Mejlhede, website back-end support; Chris Springham, Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen and Chris Berkhout, Communications & Sustainability department and CleanLM program leaders.
Meet the 10 steps team Meet the 10 steps team

The journey continues

We achieved carbon neutrality in 2018, but our journey doesn’t end there. Carbon neutrality is an ongoing balance between reducing our emissions as much as possible, and investing in carbon reduction projects to offset the rest. Every year, we must prove our net carbon footprint has remained zero.

Explore our 10 Step Guide to start this rewarding, transformational journey. Don’t miss your chance to lead the way to a cleaner world.
10 steps to go carbon neutral

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