We are LM Wind Power

    Employees from the Tianjin plant participated in a team outing, and shared a photograph that literally embodies the LM Wind Power values.

    In order to provide more opportunities for team communication, Tianjin plant organized an outing at the beach for all employees. Rather than hold a training session to instill the value, “Work as One Team,” they focused on experiential learning. Employees participated in activities that required communication and teamwork, with the final task of creating the LM Wind Power logo with their bodies.

    “We think this photo shows our cohesion, because creating the logo required all employees participate and discuss how to make it,” said Qian Wang, Recruitment & Training Specialist. “With communication, we were able to create this physical embodiment of our teamwork.”

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    Culture & Values

    Work as one team

    At LM Wind Power, we work together towards clear common goals and objectives. We strive for consensus by recognizing the value of others' opinions and proactively share experiences to drive continuous cross-organizational learning. We cooperate closely and in alignment across geographical, cultural and functional boundaries to make sure we act as one company all around the world.


    Culture & beliefs

    With operations that span four continents and countless cultures, we have our fair share of differences. But at LM Wind Power, the differences drive innovation and synergy because of common beliefs.


    Get the wind behind your career

    We are always looking for new, talented colleagues.

    LM Wind Power is a pioneer in the Danish wind industry and the world’s leading independent supplier of blades for wind turbines, with 15 factories on four continents. We have all technical disciplines in-house:  materials laboratories, design and modelling, a wind tunnel, full scale testing and production. Explore the exciting positions available.


    We create value for the long term

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