Tribute to International Women's Day

    Take a look at the faces above: these are many of the 140 women working for LM Wind Power in Suape, Brazil. Maria Aparecida Aureliano da Rocha, HR Specialist, created the collage as a tribute to International Women’s Day on March 8, to celebrate the many contributions of these women throughout the year.

    There are many different ways to honor International Women’s Day — our colleagues around the world are proof of that. Here are some of their inspiring initiatives.

    Bangalore, India
    The women at Technology Center India (TCI) believe “Empowering Women is Empowering Humanity". To put this in action, they decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by making a difference. The women visited Rainbow Home in Bengaluru city, a home for more than 70 girls, 5-16 years old. These children are either orphans or come from an underprivileged background, so the home provides shelter, food and all their basic necessities. Throughout the day, women from TCI conducted programs to inspire the girls to aim high in life and also create awareness about personal health and hygiene. They voluntarily donated stationary, toiletries and essential daily use products, and they led indoor games and songs to entertain the children.


    Tianjin, China
    To celebrate the day, Tianjin’s HR department organized a lunch buffet and coffee salon. A coffee expert taught the women in attendance about the taste differences between mochas, lattes and cappuccinos, and discussed coffee beans and coffee culture.


    Qin Huang Dao, China
    Women at Qin Huang Dao plant received flowers and sweets, in honor of their contribution to LM Wind Power.


    Suape, Brazil
    In Brazil, our colleagues organized a beauty day and small gift for women colleagues to enjoy during the lunch hour.


    Gaspe, Canada
    At Gaspé plant, women received a special printed t-shirt that celebrated women and reminded all that they are appreciated employees of LM Wind Power, all year long.

    Dabaspet, India
    Celebrations in Dabaspet began the moment our female colleagues arrived in the morning. Dressed in traditional attire, each woman was individually greeted with a bouquet of roses.  Activities then continued throughout the day — a chocolate cake in their honor, lunch together in the canteen, musical chairs and other activities. In an open forum, many colleagues shared their thoughts about the significance of International Women’s Day, recognizing the sincerity and hard work of our female colleagues.


    Ponferrada, Spain
    Each woman at the plant received flowers from their manager, in order to personally involve them in the celebration of this day. A newsletter this month will focus on the origin of International Women's Day and discus the ratio of men and women in different areas in Spain such as politics, education, gender violence indicators and wages.


    Vadodara, India
    The program for the day started with the welcome speech by HR Senior Manager Poonam Mishra, where she reflected on the history of International Women’s Day, the current scenario and the way forward in making the world free from gender inequalities. All female employees were greeted with a flower bouquet to acknowledge their contribution in LM Wind Power. All employees participated in additional talks throughout the day on gender diversity, gender equality, women empowerment and welfare services for women, followed by cake and tree planting at the factory site.


    Goleniow, Poland

    Goleniow honored the plant’s female employees with flowers and chocolates. These women also enjoyed a break together, with coffee and sweets.

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    For being such a good Santa last year, the renewable reindeer got him the latest carbon neutral sleigh on the market...see what they did next! From all of us at LM Wind Power, Season's Greetings and a greener New Year. #CleanSleigh!
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    In October 2017 our 73.5 P wind turbine blade successfully arrived at Castellón port from our factory located 45 km away. This is the largest blade ever produced and transported in Spain and will be used for harvesting wind at the Merkur wind farm in the North Sea! Check out the transportation of the 73.5 P blade here: This historic achievement also features in the latest GE report below!