The thinking behind our carbon neutrality pledge

    by Marc de jong, ceo, lm wind power

    For years, we have been arguing that we are one of the greenest companies in the world with more than one-fifth of the world’s wind turbines flying LM Wind Power blades. But it is time that we look in the mirror and ask ourselves some tough questions - are we really green enough? Could we not reduce our own carbon footprint further and do even more to nurture the growth of wind energy globally? Our carbon neutrality ambition in 2018 is the clear response to that challenge.


    The thinking behind this pledge is simple. Our carbon neutrality pledge CleanLM shows the wind industry and beyond that sustainability is good business. That it is possible to save costs while being a responsible business at the same time. The Energy Efficiency drive of CleanLM in our 15 factories worldwide is a clear example of that. Managing our energy use is managing our cost, and the savings enable us to invest in energy efficiency even more. If we can do it, there is no reason for other organizations not to follow the same path. And as more and more companies see the benefits of carbon neutrality and invest in renewable energy sources to power their business, we are growing the wind energy market ourselves.


    When I joined LM Wind Power, one of the first questions I asked was why don’t we have our own turbines powering our plants around the world. Recently at the WindEurope Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, I posed almost the same question to an audience of wind industry leaders and asked them: why are you still using fossil fuels? And I am putting this question in front of you now too. Why? We are all making wind power the cheapest and most viable source of energy through our work every day. In many countries, wind energy already has the edge over fossil fuels and in many others I expect it to happen soon. Wind energy also solves some of the most pressing global challenges like climate change and poverty. So why are we still not using renewable energy ourselves – I can’t think of any good reason.


    By launching our pledge to go carbon neutral, we are demonstrating the leadership necessary to limit global warming and set a standard for our industry. We want to encourage and inspire the entire value chain from our suppliers and customers, to end users and consumers, to follow our lead. This is not something one or a few companies can do alone, but if we all take responsibility for our own impact in the value chain, we can make a real difference for the planet and leave a better world behind for our children and grandchildren. In so doing, we will truly live our company vision:  'Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world’. Now, we can add to that vision: Together, we are going carbon neutral in 2018!

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    Marc de Jong

    CEO, LM Wind Power

    "Why are we still not using renewable energy ourselves? I can't think of any good reason."

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