Look to the past and future, on the LM Heritage Boat

    When Niels Ove Madsen, Office Dispatch Assistant, started working at LM, this small Danish company employed 75 people and was most known for producing sailboats. That was 44 years ago.

    Today, we are the world’s leading supplier of wind turbine blades, with more than 10,000 people, in 10 countries, on four continents. And, this year we became part of GE Renewable Energy and the network of more than 300,000 GE colleagues worldwide!

    As 2017 comes to a close, many of us are already looking ahead to next year’s projects and targets. But before we sail full-speed ahead on our race to Win the World of Wind (WWOW!), let’s take a moment to reflect on where we’ve come from – while onboard our LM Heritage Boat.

    Boat’s first voyage, a tribute to the past and future

    Our original LM Mermaid sailboat - named Afrodite – came home to Lunderskov, Denmark on March 7, 2017. It was unveiled during the 2017 WWOW! strategy event, where a captivated audience of 130 colleagues watched the film about the search for the LM Mermaid.

    After its unveiling in March, volunteers have been working with the boat’s captains (Frank Bianchi, Project Manager, Technology Projects; and Jesper Høeg, Add-ons Team Leader) to make the boat sea-worthy.

    Finally, in August, the boat was ready for its first voyage on Denmark’s Kolding Fjord. Who better to invite, than our colleagues who helped build these boats many years ago, and still work for LM Wind Power today!

    On a beautiful, sunny day in August, four employees from the boat-building days joined Captains Jesper and Frank for a day of sailing and reminiscing. Niels Ove, who wore his original LM Glasfiber coveralls for the voyage, was joined by: Lena Kvistgaard Sørensen, Scheduler, who’s been with LM for 33 years; Leif Fyhn Ryborg, Tool-crib Technician, who’s been with LM for 37 years; and Søren Andersen, Certification & Compliance Director, who was the first engineer hired by LM, 29 years ago!

    It was an emotional afternoon for all the passengers, as they reflected on the old days and the unique and inspiring culture in LM that kept them around for all these years. Watch this video on YouTube to hear their stories!

    Ready to sail ahead next year

    The LM Heritage Boat is now tucked away for the winter. A crew of 12 LM Wind Power colleagues will do some maintenance over the winter, alongside their regular workdays, to prepare the boat for its first full sailing season.

    Starting again in April 2018, the boat will be used for sales managers who are hosting customers, as a social activity after a long day of meetings in the office. This unique, relaxed setting provides a chance to network, as part of our strategic initiative to build strong partnerships not least with key external customers. The LM Mermaid 380 will also be available to all LM and GE staff to experience the relaxed surroundings, when the captains are available to sail.

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    LM Heritage Boat takes its first voyage


    Meet our LM Heritage Boat


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