Launching Canada's longest blade

    Sustainability for our business depends on stability in the markets in which we operate. Showing that we are here to stay in Canada requires a combination of innovation and communication: inviting politicians, customers and the local community to celebrate our latest technology, such as our de-icing system.

    In October our Gaspé plant celebrated the launch of Canada’s longest blade in serial production — LM 55.8 meter blades for Senvion that will power the 150 MW Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n (MU) wind farm. This wind project involves a 50-50 partnership between the three Mi’gmaq Nations of Quebec (Gesgapegiag, Gespeg et Listuguj) and the developer Innergex.

    On the day of the launch celebration, co-hosted with Senvion, the LM Wind Power Gaspé plant was filled with politicians, guests and journalists with microphones and rolling cameras. The team was very well prepared — benefiting from previous experience with high level visits and effectively delivering a message on the importance of continuing to develop wind power in Quebec. "We are building a strong relationship with the native community, Senvion and Innergex," said Plant Director Alexandre Boulay, who gave several interviews for both TV and print.

    Speaking up for wind
    Alex and the Gaspé team regularly open the plant for visitors to increase awareness of the wind industry’s contribution in Quebec. The political framework is a decisive factor influencing the future of the plant; our colleagues in Gaspé work hard every day to prove that wind energy needs to play a prominent role in the energy policy for 2016 and beyond.

    "We need to do everything we can to make decision makers aware of the value we bring in terms of clean and affordable energy, economic development and highly qualified local jobs," Alex said. “Our technical innovations, including a state-of-the-art de-icing system and the launch of new blade types, are examples of how the industry works to constantly lower the cost of wind energy.”

    Senvion issued a press release at the event, featuring thorough statements from each of the parties involved. It ended with the words: "With the serial production of the 55.8 meter blade with anti-icing, LM Wind Power and Senvion are contributing to Quebec's growing expertise in cold and complex terrain wind technology and in turn positioning Quebec as a leader in wind energy across Canada and internationally." 

    Read Senvion’s full release here 

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