Kromhout Museum members tour Dutch wind sites

    ​Leo Schot, Advisory Board Member and former CEO of LM Wind Power, acted as the host for a special tour to wind sites in North Holland.

    The guests were members of the Kromhout Museum, all volunteers who devote their free time to restoring and maintaining a wide variety of industrial equipment, engines and technology manufactured in the Netherlands and presenting them for public display.

    The museum, in Amsterdam, has an impressive program of outreach to schools, colleges and universities throughout the country. The trip was part of our contribution to developing more understanding of wind energy in the general engineering community and at the same time, intended to reward the Kromhout volunteers for their outstanding efforts.

    The appalling weather and torrential rain was no deterrent, as the visitors explored prototype turbines at the ECN test centre where they were kindly hosted by Piet Warnaar. Shortly afterwards the bus departed for WMC test facilities further north on the coast and there, Ben Hendricks provided an outstanding presentation and quizzed the visitors on their technical understanding of turbines and blades. "A really enjoyable and informative day," commented Leo Schot. "A great atmosphere in the group discussions with industry experts and Kromhout members with a real fascination for the engineering challenges we face."

    The group was supported by Wim Versteeg and Jos Buersens two of the most prominent experts in the Dutch wind industry and both shared valuable experience and insights in answer to the many inquiries from this engaged and informed group.

    "I would like to recognize LM Wind Power for this unique learning opportunity which was greatly appreciated by the members and provides new energy and inspiration for us with regard to future industry collaboration at the museum," said Maurice de Gruyter of the Kromhout museum. "Many thanks to all those who contributed to this special day."

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    A special tour

    Former LM Wind Power CEO, Leo Schot (second from the left), acted as host for the Kromhout Museum guests.

    Photo Gallery

    Tour group

    Members of the Kromhout Museum participate in a tour of Dutch wind sites, hosted by LM Wind Power.


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