How low can our emissions go?

    In December 2016, we announced that LM Wind Power would be a carbon neutral company by 2018. Reducing energy consumption in the plants is at the heart of achieving carbon neutrality in the most efficient way. Mads Granes, Maintenance Manager at the Pilot Plant in Denmark, is leading the Energy Efficiency program together with the plants.

    “We use a lot of energy and it doesn’t make sense to consume energy that we can avoid, neither from an environmental nor from a business perspective,” Mads said. Mads and his colleague Michael Kristensen, Maintenance Project Engineer, have visited six plants in the past few months to identify what can be done to save energy. Three measures that top their energy savings list are installing automated ventilation control, Energy Management Systems and LED lighting. “Some investment is required, but we expect these initiatives will give double digit savings on the energy use and corresponding emissions,” Mads pointed out.


    Although he isleading the efforts globally, Mads emphasized that his colleagues in the plants around the world play the biggest role. “Our plants all want to be best-in-class in energy efficiency. They identify, implement, and own the measures. I do what I can to ensure best practices are shared across LM plants.”


    The LM Wind Powerplant in Ponferrada is one of the plants visited by Michael. “We’re excited tosupport the energy efficiency drive,” said Javier Ballesteros, Maintenance Manager in Ponferrada. “As a plant, we don’t want to waste energy. We know thatwe can save energy and cost by improving our equipment for instance. One of the first high impact measures we will focus on here is installing automated ventilation control to follow the production process instead of running at maximum capacity non-stop. This will give significant savings in energy andcost! And I expect we will be able to find even more savings throughout theyear!”

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