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    April 28, 2016 was World Day for Health and Safety at Work. Find out how our colleagues around the world celebrated the day.

    On World Day for Health and Safety at Work, the Sustainables were dressed for the occasion. Visitors to LM Wind Power’s headquarters in Kolding, Denmark were met with these four familiar characters, wearing new orange outfits and displaying an important message: ‘Think, act, keep safe and arrive home safely.’

    We expect to see a lot more of the Safety Sustainables throughout 2016, as we continue to build a safety culture across LM Wind Power and communicate this fundamental concept to all employees and visitors worldwide.

    Here are a few examples of how our colleagues recognized World Day for Health and Safety at Work this year.

    Tianjin, China
    On April 28 orange smoke and fog billowed from Tianjin plant — part of a realistic fire drill and crisis management exercise. Employees evacuated the building and the local management treated the scenario as if it were a real crisis, following the crisis procedure and simulating a call to report the fire to the top management team.

    “This drill improves and tests our ability to act in crises situations,” said Rick Li, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager. “The exercise helps people know what we need to do, so if we face a real crisis we can keep calm and do the right things efficiently.”

    In addition to the crisis exercise, the Tianjin HSE department distributed small booklets to spread knowledge about occupational health and safety.

    Goleniów, Poland
    To celebrate World Day for Health and Safety at Work, Goleniów’s canteen served healthy food including smoothies, fish with rice, vegetables and salad. But, Goleniów’s focus on health and safety extends beyond this particular day.

    The plant held trials for their local Chemical Rescue Unit and on May 20-22 they are sending their operators and safety inspectors to the Nationwide First Aid Competition. At the event, teams are judged on their response to a variety of simulations, including fire, chemical spills, terrorist attacks, kidnaping, first aid for a drowning person, a woman giving birth, a pub fight and first aid to an intoxicated person.

    Attending the first aid competition has become a tradition at the plant, with the LM Wind Power Goleniów team taking fifth place last year among 31 crews, and they hope for an even better result this year.

    Little Rock, USA
    The Little Rock team celebrated World Day for Health and Safety at Work by providing healthy snacks for all employees, including bananas, oranges, apples, granola bars and water.  They also held First Aid and CPR training for their Safety Committee as well as any other interested employees.

    On this day, the plant also kicked off a new wellness benefit for full time employees, offering reimbursement for active gym memberships.  Additionally, a sign up table promoted a new weight loss challenge starting May 1, to motivate people to increase physical activity. Candace White, Human Resources Specialist, said: “Employees were happy to celebrate and understood the true meaning of World Day for Health and Safety at Work.”

    Bangalore, India

    LM Wind Power’s Technology Center India (TCI) closely supports and encourages initiatives that bring change to a community. On World Day for Health and Safety at Work employees from TCI visited the cancer hospice Karunashraya — the first hospice in India to provide free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients who are beyond cure, while also offering home care for those who cannot access the hospice.

    TCI has contributed to Karunashraya for more than two years, periodically providing them with groceries, medical kits and monetary aid. Coinciding with World Day for Health & Safety at Work, volunteers teamed up to contribute medical requirements, which would be used by the patients for their everyday treatment. The TCI office also held a clothing donation drive, and employees generously contributed 90 kilograms of used clothes to make a difference for the people in need.

    Anees Fathima, Materials Laboratory Senior Manager, was moved by the volunteering experience. “I was impressed to see the amazing service being done by Karunashraya for advanced stage cancer patients, and also touched by their dedication, humane, compassion and respect towards these patients,” Anees said. “My visit to this place may make a small difference in their lives, but it definitely made a bigger difference in my own life, helping me realize how vulnerable human life is.”

    Lunderskov and Kolding, Denmark
    In Lunderskov, this year's World Day for Health and Safety at Work focused on the plant’s 10 Critical Security Rules. A series of fun activities challenged people on how much they know about these rules and if they remember to live by them. Activities included a working at height lift race and a confined space activity. During the working at heights competition, participants raced remote control cars while atop a lift.

    In the Kolding office, the local HSE team asked the question, why not go for a walk together with a colleague, whom you do not yet know so well? Employees were encouraged to take their ‘Walk and Talk’ trip in the neighborhood during the work day on April 28. When they returned from their walk and talk, everyone could collect a healthy smoothie in the canteen.

    Grand Forks, USA
    The Grand Forks plant celebrated World Day for Health and Safety at Work with the theme “Workplace stress: a collective challenge.”  Employees enjoyed a ‘relaxation haven’ to escape from the stress of everyday work life, complete with massage chairs, relaxing music, healthy snacks, information about yoga, adult coloring books and reading material.

    Employees were able to enjoy the relaxation room during work breaks or before and after their work shifts.  Grand Forks recognizes the importance of reducing stress and is committed to offer different ways to reduce stress throughout the year through their Wellness Program.

    Ponferrada, Spain
    The Ponferrada team chose to focus on stress prevention, as a relevant topic over the past year of hiring new workers and ramping-up production in the plant. Throughout the week, HSE employees spoke in daily meetings about safety and occupational labor stress. The plant is also organizing an ongoing "No smoking" campaign, so employees received information on how to quit smoking.

    On April 28, a fitness and ergonomics expert held a training session for mentors and team leaders about back pain prevention activities. Going forward, the mentors will include these exercises in the initial training for all workers, to increase awareness of the importance of health and protecting the back. Team leaders will also be able to lead daily exercise sessions during production meetings.

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