From sites, to factories

    Our service technicians complete complex repairs while operating from heights most of us would not dare to climb. And yet, the demands of this job should never compromise their safety.

    When the LM Wind Power Service team in South Europe (SE) saw Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) increase from 2012 to 2013, they faced the challenge head on. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) managers realized a trend: LTAs occurred most frequently when service technicians worked in the factories during the “low season” for wind turbine onsite work.

    In response to the new hazards presented by this change of scenario, the HSE team defined action plans to focus on processes, tools and people. During the last year all SE Service technicians and supervisors participated in training at As Pontes and Castellon plants, focused on specific hazards at the workshop in addition to blade repair onsite risks (i.e., 5S, ergonomics, preventive maintenance of tools or use of forklifts and overhead cranes). All these actions appear to be a success: achieving a new record for the SE Service team of more than 400 days without an LTA!

    “Safety is crucial to a sustainable business,” said Juan Carlos Rivas Rego, HSE Manager, Service SE. “For employees and their families, our HSE commitment promotes a culture where harm to our people or the environment is unacceptable. Also the impact of an LTA reflects directly in the customer satisfaction and our visibility within the wind energy business.”

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