Doing our bit to battle breast cancer

    There are many different ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – LM Wind Power colleagues across the world are proof of that. By working as one team, here’s what we achieved this October.

    As an international company with locations in nine countries on four continents, it is rare that we all celebrate the same holidays and traditions. Yet, every October countries across the world recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment of this disease.  According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women in both developed and developing countries, with about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year.

    There are many different ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month – LM Wind Power colleagues across the world are proof of that. By working as one team, here’s what we did this October.

    Suape, Brazil
    Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to educating about the risks and prevention of breast cancer. Two actors approached all employees in the Suape plant’s cafeteria and at their work stations with fun activities to raise awareness, including a roulette game and trivia. Participants earned chocolates, folders with health information and pink ribbons.

    Bangalore, India
    The ladies at LM Wind Power’s Technology Center India (TCI) took their “Think Pink” campaign throughout their entire office building, which houses more than 30 large companies like Google, GE, E&Y and Twitter. The initiative aimed to create a basic awareness of breast cancer among all the employees in the building, regardless of whether they work for LM Wind Power or not. The TCI team also donated medical aid for cancer Patients to Karunashraya Cancer Hospice. All employees also participated in a cancer awareness session conducted by a doctor.

    Lunderskov, Denmark
    At LM Wind Power’s Danish locations, two parallel ways of donating money were launched to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. First, there was an option to donate an amount in LM Wind Power's name through a web site during the first week of October. In addition, on the last day of the week, creative cakes were placed in the canteen, and it was possible for all employees to buy pieces of cake at a price of their own choice. Conclusion: Cakes are still the most valid currency in LM Wind Power Denmark!

    Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
    The Heerhugowaard office may be small, with only one female employee, but they still stepped up to support October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. LM Wind Power’s female Sustainable, Breeze, got dressed up for the occasion, in promotional material from the Pink Ribbon Foundation. “Breast Cancer is still a serious disorder. A lot of money is needed for research to fight breast cancer in the future,” said Jos Lampe-Out, Operational Quality Office Assistant, who organized the initiative. All money collected in the box next to Breeze was donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation at the end of the month.

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Inspired by the Heerhugowaard office, the Amsterdam Global Business Office started their own drive to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. Once again, Breeze was the face of this initiative, collecting money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Commented Chris Springham, VP Communications, HR & Sustainability: "I would like to thank our colleagues in The Netherlands for an excellent initiative which fully supports the LM Wind Power values - ‘work as one team’, ‘trust and respect’ and for their creative use of the Sustainables - a little ‘innovate for excellence’!"

    Little Rock, USA
    Continuing the plant’s annual tradition, the Little Rock team held a T-shirt contest to support breast cancer awareness. Employees could purchase the winning t-shirt to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – a non-profit organization whose mission is to save lives and end breast cancer.

    Grand Forks, USA
    During October, the Grand Forks team organized a wellness meal, where they sold pink lemonade, T-shirts and bracelets to support Relay for Life – an organization that funds breast cancer research. The Grand Forks team donates to Relay for Life annually from fundraisers throughout the year.

    Goleniów, Poland
    More than 160 women work for LM Wind Power in Goleniów, Poland, and educating the team on the risks and prevention of breast cancer is an ongoing priority. This year, the team is planning to organize lectures in November with a doctor, to ensure colleagues are acquainted with methods to prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer. After the lecture, related medical tests will be offered to our colleagues at a future date.

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