Create balance: It’s worth the effort

    This week, we’re talking about balance. It’s something we all work hard to obtain, in many areas of our personal and professional lives. Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Senior Manager, Global Communications & Sustainability, is one of the drivers of LM Wind Power’s carbon neutrality program, CleanLM. Read on for Lene’s thoughts on what it takes to achieve balance, and why it’s well worth the effort.

    For the past ten years, I have worked in some way or another to advance sustainability practices in LM Wind Power. I did this while having a full-time job in corporate communications, and sometimes I clearly favored work over family and free time. You could argue I was out of balance, dedicating the majority of my hours awake to fulfilling a professional ambition and personal passion to make a difference in the world through my job. It has at times been like walking a tightrope, but I think I found the balance that worked for me.

    The past 18 months have been particularly intense as LM Wind Power worked its way through a process to become the first company in the wind industry to reach carbon neutrality. We achieved the target this year and, excited as we were, we hardly took the time to celebrate. We were already looking ahead at the next big challenge or battle to win - as we probably tend to do in general. “A little less conversation…” as Elvis would put it!  But, our carbon neutrality achievement merits celebration, by our colleagues and by the planet! And, this achievement is all about balance.

    To reach carbon neutrality as a company, we had to literally balance the emissions from our business with reductions and offsets – thus bringing the impact of our carbon footprint to net zero. In the process, we discovered new ways of saving money, greening our electricity supply and supporting the demand for wind energy. This drives our own business, but also makes us reflect on the wider purpose of what we do.

    Watching the news and projections of how we might face a future of extreme weather, loss of biodiversity and social impacts from the effects of climate change can feel discouraging and perhaps even paralyzing. But, I firmly believe action is the best medicine against what might otherwise be an overwhelming feeling of despair!  Fight to restore the planetary imbalance we’ve all helped create. And, strengthen the fight by encouraging and enabling the individuals and organizations around you to follow.

    This is the main point of the video we launched this week. It’s our way of celebrating that, by going carbon neutral, we achieved something great. And, there’s still so much more to do! Follow LM Wind Power on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook this week, for a few examples of how we create balance. Then, in January 2019, experience what it takes to create your own balance, with our online guide: ‘10 Steps to Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business.’

    I don’t think I will work less over the coming years, but I hope to see even more individuals and organizations joining the fight to restore balance. Balance isn’t just found, it’s created.

    - Lene

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