Build a better wind turbine

    LM Wind Power’s Little Rock plant believes in spreading the word about wind energy to the community, as well as investing in our children’s future by inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

    These two goals meet at the local Museum of Discovery in downtown Little Rock — ranked by MENSA as one of the top 10 children’s museums in the whole of the United States. LM Wind Power is an annual sponsor of the museum and has a permanent display called ‘Build a Better Wind Turbine.’

    At this station, children find a magnetic tower on which they can attach blades of a variety of shapes. They can place any number of these blades on the turbine, at any pitch, and then power up a fan and test their experiment. How much energy is generated? By experimenting, they can continue to adjust and experience the impact of blade shape, length, quantity and pitch on energy output.

    Michael Belote, LM Wind Power’s Global Director of Manufacturing 2.0 Implementation is a Little Rock native and a Board member at the Museum of Discovery. “It has been amazing to see the excitement kids express at the museum,” he said. “Encouraging their interest in STEM fields of study is critical to our future as a society, and it is also nice for them to realize from our plaque and logos that right here in Little Rock, the future is being built every day.”

    Little Rock plant highly encourages any visitors to come see the museum while in town!

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