Award for cleaner production

    Local government officials come by LM Wind Power’s Tianjin, China plant quite a few times during the year. They are keen on understanding how sustainability is embedded in our operations. And they are particularly interested these days when promoting their latest initiative, ‘Cleaner Production.’

    To promote increased sustainability in the local business community, the Tianjin government recently established the ‘Cleaner Production’ certification and award scheme. The concept is a preventive environmental protection initiative and intends to minimize waste and emissions from the beginning of the production process, promoting use of cleaner material and maximizing product output. It is very different from the most prevalent production method in China which, instead of eliminating waste from the outset, focuses on getting rid of the waste generated to minimize the harmful effects on the environment.

    This year was the first time the Tianjin government handed out the award, and the honored recipients were a small group of seven companies out of a population of 1000 operating in the Tianjin area. LM Wind Power Tianjin was one of the winners to enjoy the 100,000 (EUR 14,000) RMB bonus that comes with the award. 

    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager, Rick Li, said: “Our company’s vision is to power a cleaner world and Tianjin plant is of course no exception. We have done a lot to improve over the years, among other things replacing acetone with other less harmful alternatives and our external emission of gas pollutants is lower than the National Discharge Standard. Generally, we try to avoid waste and pollution before it is generated, and eliminate toxic and harmful raw materials before it enters production.”

    Cleaner production is the path to sustainability
    Rick is determined the cash bonus from the government should be used to continue improvement on cleaner production, including strengthening environmental monitoring, looking for new waste disposal methods to reduce cost, maintain good environmental performance and so on. “We will focus on the environment and people health and safety. Driving towards the objective of ‘cleaner production’ will lead us to sustainability,” he said.

    LM Wind Power was shortlisted and won with a mix of local and international companies like Danfoss from Denmark and Oerlikon Balzers from Switzerland.

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