Ponferrada plant boosts blade production

    Today we announced an exciting development in Spain: our team is growing! Starting from the end of this year, our Ponferrada plant will begin manufacturing an additional blade type for onshore wind turbines, which will involve the hiring of approximately 180 temporary workers.

    The project supports global growing demand and will be developed within 18 months, until the summer of 2020 through gradual implementation of one additional production line during the first quarter of 2019. The new line thus represents additional production to the current operations in the Ponferrada plant. The new production line will follow the same scheme as the current ones, having seven-day work shifts which cover 24 hours, including monthly production stops required for the maintenance of the equipment.

    The additional production is time-limited as it responds to an immediate need to meet a peak demand. At this point, it is not expected to continue past 2020.

    Ponferrada Plant Director, Francisco Vega, said, “This project shows once again the commitment of LM Wind Power and GE Renewable Energy to Spain in general, and particularly the local communities Castilla y Leon and El Bierzo.”

    The increase in the workforce will position LM Wind Power as the largest employer in the area of Bierzo and one of the biggest in the region, contributing close to 1,000 direct jobs.

    “It is particularly important,” Francisco highlighted, “that all the employees at the plant continue their daily focus on improving on the key priorities for the company: safety, quality and efficiency. This is the only way we can continue to stand strong when facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive market that pushes hard for lower cost of renewable energy every day.”

    The hiring process will kick off this month. The employees that will work on the new production lines will go through the comprehensive five-week induction course in our state-of-the-art training facility, Center of Excellence, before starting to work on the production floor.

    About LM Wind Power, Ponferrada
    We have been present in Ponferrada since 2000, starting with around 120 workers. At the highest capacity in 2007, the plant employed 1300 people but with the global financial crisis and the collapse of the Spanish wind market, the plant had to ramp down considerably coming down to around 150 workers in 2012.

    Since then, the plant has achieved an impressive turnaround. In 2015, to adapt to the increase in demand from our customers, the plant tripled the number of its employees, reaching 550 workers. Today, the factory employs more than 750 workers and has over the years produced more than 20,000 blades.

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