Our vision for Global Wind Day 2018

    On June 15, colleagues and friends of LM Wind Power are coming together to celebrate Global Wind Day. To mark the occasion, Duncan Berry, CEO, reflects on our company vision: Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.


    Today, as more than 10,000 employees across four continents, we’re taking our love for wind out into our communities.

    From little children in Jiangyin, China, to grown-up children in Kolding, Denmark, Global Wind Day is a chance to show how we work, and have fun, together. We’ve planned many different events across the world – kite-flying, coloring competitions, visits to local schools, brave Plant Managers volunteering for a pie-throwing contest, and more!

    This spirit of collaboration feeds into our work with all customers, suppliers and colleagues as we strive to reduce the cost of energy.

    We capture the wind
    With the most advanced, reliable blades in the industry, capturing the wind is what we do!

    Our efforts are making an impact worldwide. In China, we’ve announced the development of some of our longest blades for offshore customers Goldwind and Envision – the LM 75.1 P and LM 71.8 respectively.

    In our world-class Test and Validation Center in Denmark, our aerodynamic experts optimize and test blades to capture the most possible energy from the wind. Did you know that LM Wind Power is the only blade manufacturer in the world with its own wind tunnel testing facility?

    And, our ambition to capture the wind extends even further than that. In 2016, we built the world’s longest blade, at 88.4 meters in length. This year we announced that we are doing it again. The LM 107 P offshore blades will be longer than a soccer field, and they will power the world’s largest offshore wind turbine – GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW.

    On this Global Wind Day, we hope our colleagues will spread their excitement about wind with the same enthusiasm they apply to capturing every last bit of energy with our blades.

    To power a cleaner world

    Each year, our blades save the world 189 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, by producing clean and renewable energy. But we want to do more.

    This year, we will set a new standard for clean energy as the first in the wind industry to become a carbon neutral business. Accounting for our greenhouse gas emissions and identifying energy efficiency measures through our ‘CleanLM’ program not only benefits the world around us, but also offers cost-saving opportunities. Essentially, a balanced business is a win-win for both our bottom line and the communities where we operate.

    The next stream of our CleanLM program focuses on introducing renewable energy to our production facilities where possible, as electricity is a large part of our carbon footprint. Our facilities in Brazil and Canada are already sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. Other plants around the world are engaging in power purchase agreements that exchange traditional electricity supply with one coming from wind and solar sources. We will offset any remaining, unavoidable emissions by investing in carbon credits that fund emission reduction projects around the world.

    Join the celebration
    In closing, I wish all our colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends and family a happy Global Wind Day! Thank you for helping to secure our future by supporting homegrown, clean, affordable and renewable wind energy. Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.

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