Meet us at AWEA Windpower 2017 in Anaheim!

    We are exhibiting at AWEA Windpower 2017 from May 23 – 25 in Anaheim, California along with representation by our senior management. Throughout the event, you are invited to visit us at booth 3624 in hall D, where we will be showcasing:


    Using flexible building blocks, we find the optimum fit for your turbine. LM Wind Power provides customized blades with variable root diameters and lengths while ensuring a fast launch on the global market with economies of scale and competitiveness. This modular concept, combined with LM Wind Power’s unique understanding of aerodynamics and loads, has proven to increase Annual Energy Production (AEP) by up to 14% for blades in 2.5-3.3 MW segments. You can have it all: a perfectly optimized blade that leverages LM Wind Power’s global supplier base and manufacturing footprint.


    With a track-record of producing more than 135,000 blades with lightning protection systems, we have put that knowledge to work to enable you to capitalize on a competitive GL certified lightning protection (IEC 61400-24 (2010)).


    We have a global manufacturing footprint and are a valued partner in established and emerging markets all over the world. Uniformity in our production processes becomes even more important because of our global manufacturing footprint - across 13 locations and 4 continents. We just recently had the official groundbreaking in Cherbourg in France of our dedicated offshore wind turbine blade plant. And in our plant in Bergama, Turkey, construction is well underway for production start later this year. As always we are present where our customers want us to be.


    Our engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of blade size, airfoil shape and material technology, laying the foundations for 90+ meter blades that are expected to power turbines of up to 10 MW in the future.
    Our specialist capabilities have repeatedly made us leaders in the size race, a few years ago with the launch of the LM 73.5 and more recently with the LM 88.4 P, the longest blade in the world.
    We focus on four areas to maximize value and minimize cost: improved blade efficiency, increased rotor swept-area, proven reliability and preventive maintenance to retain high performance. These are just a few of our many product advantages. We brought the experience from Europe to the first offshore wind farm in the US – Block Island.



    Advances in Hybrid Carbon Technology for

    Wind Turbine Blades

    By Michael Lund-Laverick,

    Director Composite Technology Projects

    Date: 5/23/2017

    Time: 4 PM


    Innovation to Ensure Capex Efficiency and Quality
    Replicability for Ultra-long Offshore Blades
    By Alexis Crama, Vice President, Offshore
    Date: 5/24/2017
    Time: 4 PM

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    Meet us!

    Anaheim Convention Center 800 W Katella Ave Anaheim, booth 3624

    If you are interested in setting up an individual meeting with us during this trade fair, or at another time, please contact Johanne Kristensen at We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.

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    LM Wind Power

    Lon is among more than 100,000 employees in the US wind industry today - a record high! Meet more of the "People Behind Wind Power":
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    LM Wind Power

    Lon is among more than 100,000 employees in the US wind industry today - a record high! @AWEA #windworks
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    LM Wind Power

    Pride, passion & dedication! Meet Joshua who loves making blades for a cleaner world @AWEA #WINDPOWER2017 #windworks
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    LM Wind Power

    Day 3 @AWEA #WINDPOWER2017! Visit us at B3624 in Hall D to dicuss how #windworks & learn about our growth in the US!
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    LM Wind Power

    Pride, passion and dedication! Meet Molding Engineer, Joshua, who loves making blades for a cleaner world:
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    LM Wind Power

    Amenta, from Little Rock, was our first ever female cart driver! Learn why she works in wind:
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    LM Wind Power

    Don't miss Alexis Crama's presentation on innovation and quality in ultra-long offshore blades - Thought Leader Station in 30 mins! @AWEA
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    LM Wind Power

    Another passionate person behind wind power: Meet Ricky from Little Rock @AWEA #WINDPOWER2017 #windworks
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    LM Wind Power

    We love talking about our work! Here's what Ricky in Little Rock wanted to say about wind.