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    Join our effort to make the case for wind: a powerful renewable energy choice to sustain the planet we all know and enjoy. Every day we build reliable rotor blades to bring down the cost of energy. What's your contribution?

    As our company is growing, so are expectations of our communications with the outside world. A corporate website used to be conceived as a digital ‘front door’ for a company, but now it is essential that  potential visitors can reach us in all kinds of ways: search engines like Google, typing our name, or by ‘click-throughs’ from shared content and through our social media profiles.

    In today’s world we have multiple ‘front doors’ and they all have to lead into one coherent and consistently branded online space.  In addition to that, our presence needs to show up as well on a hand held device as it does on a PC.

    Our website is the hub for sharing facts, news and stories from LM places. Here we engage with our many stakeholders through a visually-appealing and compelling narrative of who we are and the value we bring, through our amazing technology and our commitment to building a cleaner world.

    “It’s very rewarding to see our ideas and thoughts materialize after such an intense project period,” said Gitte Mejlhede, Webmaster. “Creating a new website is a huge undertaking, but the project does not stop here. The website will continue to grow organically over time, as we build content in all areas.”

    Sharing in a social world – Join the conversation!
    LM Wind Power’s new website emphasizes social sharing and encourages interaction, linking closely to our social media activities. There are many hot topics surrounding our business — wind power, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable business practices — and it’s time we voiced our opinion. Check out the Case for Wind in 10 Blade Points.

    “We have so many stories we can tell the world — for instance, what it is like to work for LM Wind Power; stories and photos from community outreach activities; and our view on wind power’s contribution to a more sustainable world,” said Chris Springham, Vice President, Global Communications, HR and Sustainability. “The new website is a fantastic achievement as LM Wind Power moves away from one-way communications, toward a more ‘receiver-based’ and open way of communicating through narratives and stories on multiple platforms and devices.”

    We invite you to explore the new website and share the content that most inspires you in your social networks. Remember: #LMplaces #CaseForWind!

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    Get the wind behind your career

    We are always looking for new, talented colleagues.

    LM Wind Power is a pioneer in the Danish wind industry and the world’s leading independent supplier of blades for wind turbines, with 14 factories on four continents. We have all technical disciplines in-house:  materials laboratories, design and modelling, a wind tunnel, full scale testing and production. Explore the exciting positions available.


    The Case for Wind

    In 10 Blade Points

    Wind power, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable business practices - there are many hot topics surrounding our business, and it's time we voiced our opinion.

    Products & Services

    Building a reliable blade

    Technology is our business.

    What does it take to build a reliable blade, able to withstand whatever forces nature brings its way over more than 20 years?

    19-05-2017 10:34:12 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    Block Island and @GERenewables wind turbines are showing the way to a more sustainable future.
    19-05-2017 08:50:28 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    Offshore wind, captured by LM blades, powers first American homes! #windworks
    19-05-2017 06:36:11 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    Great collaboration with #Forestalia to drive #renewableenergy growth and cost competitiveness in Europe. Largest European auction to date.
    18-05-2017 17:19:52 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    1.2GW deal largest-ever announced – 3.8-130MW turbine supply, service, digital monitoring
    18-05-2017 17:19:06 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    #Forestalia deal important to Europe - @LMWindPower blades from Spain, towers from Spain, nacelles from Germany
    18-05-2017 09:52:00 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    All-euro @GErenewables turbines for 1.5GW Spanish wind mega-deal, nacelles in Germany blades by @LMWindPower Spain
    17-05-2017 11:59:29 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    We're opening a new factory in Boadi - our fourth Chinese blade plant and fifteenth worldwide! Learn more #windworks
    17-05-2017 11:19:48 | linkedin

    LM Wind Power

    We're opening a new factory in Boadi - our fourth Chinese blade plant and fifteenth worldwide! Read more about the latest addition to our global footprint, which is expected to create 500 jobs and start production in July 2017.
    17-05-2017 10:08:29 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    Wind blade-maker @LMWindPower stays in expansion mode with announcement of new factory in Baodi, China:
    15-05-2017 12:17:26 | twitter

    LM Wind Power