Three-year blade supply agreement announced for Goldwind 3-4 MW onshore platform

    On October 17 at the China Windpower trade show in Beijing, we announced a three-year agreement to supply wind turbine blades for Goldwind’s onshore 3-4 MW platform. Learn more about the largest deal between Goldwind and LM Wind Power since 2010.

    The agreement between LM Wind Power and Goldwind covers three blade types – the LM 66.9 P, LM 66.9 P2 and LM 69.0 P – targeted for both international and the domestic China markets. Between 2018 and 2021, the blades will be manufactured at our plant in Qin Huang Dao, in the northeastern part of China.

    The 1.1 GW agreement follows a 140 MW pre-agreement signed last year.

    Xu Lei, Goldwind Product Delivery Center General Manger, said: “This agreement is a milestone between Goldwind and LM Wind Power, setting up a successful model of strong, strategic cooperation between our two companies. Goldwind is committed to delivering turbines that meet the highest quality and reliability standards. With LM Wind Power’s new 3-4 MW 66.9- and 69.0-meter blades, we know we get the quality, technology and reliable manufacturing expertise required by both the Chinese and international markets.”

    Dorte Kamper, LM Wind Power Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said: “We are thrilled by our extended partnership with Goldwind. Our close collaboration will support their global expansion with a flexible solution where the same platform gives three variants, usable for different wind classes and different requirements.”

    In January 2017 we announced that the first variant of this blade series, the LM 66.9 P, was installed successfully on Goldwind's 3 MW prototype wind turbine platform, the GW3S.

    Under the agreement announced today, we will develop the LM 66.9 P2 for stronger wind speeds and the new LM 69.0 P, which is an extension of the original 66.9-meter blade.

    We have been present in China since 2001, currently employing more than 3000 people in the country and operating three blade manufacturing facilities in Qinhuangdao, Jiangyin and Baodi.

    Read the full press release.

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    Sebastien Duchamp
    October 17, 2018

    Signing ceremony

    LM Wind Power and Goldwind executives celebrated our partnership during a signing ceremony at the China Windpower exhibition in Beijing. From left to right, back row: Mr. Wu Gang, Goldwind Chairman; Duncan Berry, LM Wind Power CEO; Alexis Crama, LM Wind Power VP Offshore; Mr. Wu Kai, Goldwind Executive VP. Front row signees, left to right: Mr. Xu Lei, Goldwind Product Delivery Center GM; Dorte Kamper, LM Wind Power VP Sales & Marketing.

    October 17, 2018

    Trusted partners

    Dorte Kamper, LM Wind Power VP Sales & Marketing, speaks at the signing ceremony, marking this milestone in our longstanding partnership with Goldwind in China.

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