First stone laid at Cherbourg factory

    Our new facility in France will manufacture offshore wind turbine blades for multiple customers as we respond to demand for new offshore capacity in northern Europe.

    Today we announced that work on our new factory in Cherbourg, Normandy, has commenced.

    This was marked with a foundation stone ceremony at the construction site, chaired by French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, in the presence of industry and representatives from the local partners, including Normandy region, the Manche Department, the local community of Cherbourg and the port authority, Ports Normands Associés (PNA).

    This facility will have the capability to produce what is currently the longest blade in the world, the LM 88.4 P and ultimately it can serve all wind turbine manufacturers in the global offshore wind market.

    We expect the operation will grow to a capacity between 1.2 and 2.0 Gigawatts (GW). We also expect to create more than 550 new jobs, providing training, development and the new skills a global green energy industry needs.

    During his speech, Marc de Jong, LM Wind Power CEO, said he felt proud to see the first foundation stone laid at the site of our future Cherbourg factory.

    "As we lay our first stone in France, we provide further evidence of our growing global presence and our commitment to expand the benefits of wind energy to new frontiers," Marc said. "Through the constant introduction of better and more advanced wind turbine blades, we have consistently exceeded expectations in the wind industry beyond what people twenty or thirty years ago saw as an impossible dream. It is my personal wish that the future will witness a world where green, renewable energy is the most reliable and compelling source of energy in a cleaner world." 

    Read the full press release here.

    *Photo (above): Eric.BIERNACKI, Region Normandie

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    Christopher Springham
    23 March 2017

    Laying the first stone

    French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, helped lay the first stone at LM Wind Power's new blade factory in Cherbourg.


    Photo: Eric.BIERNACKI, Region Normandie

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