BBC Global Business profiles Denmark’s wind power progress

    In this new radio piece from the BBC, John Korsgaard, Test & Validation Center Director, discusses LM Wind Power’s contribution to the development of Denmark’s wind industry.

    In 1991, John Korsgaard joined LM Glasfiber as the company’s fourth engineer. He never expected that 26 year later he would still work in Lunderskov, as Director of LM Wind Power’s Test & Validation Center.

    In a new radio piece, the BBC visits Lunderskov to gain John’s view on Denmark’s wind power progress. The segment is 27 minutes long and follows wind power’s development in Denmark. From 11:59-14:30 the reporter talks about LM Wind Power’s heritage – from building furniture, to boats, to blades.

    It’s no wonder that the BBC wanted to speak to John, as he has seen the transformation of LM Wind Power and the wind industry firsthand. When he joined, we had 120 employees and built 12 meter blades. Today, we’ve passed 10,000 employees worldwide and produce the world’s longest blade at 88.4 meters!

    “It’s been a fantastic journey,” John told the BBC. “I don’t think anybody imagined where we would be by now.”  

    Listen to the BBC Global Business piece: Denmark’s wind power progress

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    World's longest blade

    Testing the world's longest blade

    John Korsgaard, and his team at our Lunderskov Test & Validation Center, put our 88.4 meter blade to the test.


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    Lunderskov Møbelfabrik, or in English Lunderskov Furniture Company, is where it all started  — a long way from the massive composite structures LM Wind Power produces today.


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