In shape for something bigger: Søren Kongsted

    Excellent blades cannot be built without excellent people. The dedication and passion we show for our work is just one element of our lives and by sharing stories of what drives LM Wind Power employees, we also demonstrate the core qualities that drive our business. Find out what it takes to get in shape for something bigger, from LM Wind Power engineer and Ironman, Søren Kongsted.

    What do elite athletes and wind turbine blade makers have in common? A lot, actually!

    At LM Wind Power, we’re constantly getting in shape for something bigger – building the world’s longest, most advanced blades and developing new ways to reduce the levelized cost of clean, renewable wind power. And, as all elite athletes and competitors know, great achievements don’t often happen by accident. Getting in shape requires relentless preparation, persistence and passion.

    Likewise, each wind turbine blade we build is the result of more than 40 years of blade-making experience, with each innovation and new development building on the knowledge of not only our current team, but also the brilliance and dedication of each engineer, operator, analyst…every individual team member that came before. Late last year, we followed one of our engineers to see firsthand what qualities it takes to compete on a world-class level – be it in blades, or sports.

    Read on and watch our new video to find out.

    Optimized performance

    Meet Søren Kongsted: LM Wind Power Senior Manager, Technology Projects, based at our engineering office in Lunderskov, Denmark. Last year, Søren qualified and competed in a world championship triathlon race in Hawaii.

    To get in shape for the race, Søren trained for up to 12 hours a week outside of his work, even going so far as to build an acclimatization chamber in his garage at home for optimal preparation. In his climate chamber, he simulated the weather conditions in Hawaii and measured precisely how much water he’d need to drink, and how much he’d sweat, along the way. Each piece of equipment and clothing he selected for the race day was tried and tested to ensure the optimal outcome.

    No journey is perfect, and there are always challenges and set-backs along the way. The defining factor is how people tackle the challenges, as Søren learned during his race preparations.

    “The period leading up to the race, was really hectic and stressful,” Søren said. “But when you are committed, you have to deliver.”

    A winning team
    The same determination to optimize performance and deliver in the face of obstacles shines through if you speak to Søren – and countless other LM Wind Power employees – about what it takes to build world-class blades.

    “We are people with different passions, who work with modern and innovative techniques,” Søren said. “Our business value is defined by what our employees are able to develop, design, produce and sell. By having the best and most dedicated people onboard, we remain at the forefront of our industry.”

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    In shape for something bigger

    Søren Kongsted, Sr. Manager, Technology Projects

    Watch what it takes to compete on a world-class level: be it in blade-making, or athletics.

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