In-depth feature on the “mightiest” wind turbine ever built

    In their September issue, Recharge News published an in-depth feature on the Adwen AD 8-180 wind turbine, with LM 88.4 P blades, presenting it as one of the leading offshore machines in the industry.

    “The AD 8-180 will be the mightiest ever built. The 8MW turbine’s record-setting 88.4-metre blades will sweep a circle wider than the Colosseum in Rome, its giant drivetrain will be able to handle steel-splitting torque better than any industrial machine on earth — and then transform it into enough power for 10,000 homes.” – Recharge News, September 2016.

    In June, LM Wind Power and Adwen announced the world’s longest blade – LM 88.4 P – at Global Offshore Wind in Manchester. The September Recharge News article features an elaborate section about the 'cutting-edge' blades, based on interviews by VP Engineering, Roel Schuring and VP Offshore, Alexis Crama conducted at the trade show.

    “Offshore wind is a massive opportunity for more renewable energy, it’s industrially proven and we are working hard to get it to grid parity less than ten years from now. A big part of this is about more powerful turbines and a big part of that is about larger rotors,” Alexis said. “The most important thing is not that we make the largest blade; it is that we make blades that are technologically proven, that will capture the most energy possible and that can be made reliably and with the utmost focus on quality.”

    Download the full article from Recharge News
    , to learn more about the underlying technology and next steps for this record-breaking wind turbine.

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    The World's longest blade

    We've shattered the length record, again!

    Meet a record-breaker – the longest, most advanced, wind turbine blade in the world. The LM 88.4 P dwarves all its predecessors. There is no other blade like it.

    For photos, graphics and videos featuring the LM 88.4 P, visit the webpage for the world's longest blade. 

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