Baby, it’s cold outside!

    Technologies exist that can melt ice on a wind turbine blade or keep it from forming in the first place. Read An Excerpt from the October 2017 issue of Wind Systems magazine, Featuring our De-Icing Technology.

    In the sleepy town of Lunderskov, Denmark, there’s a 22-meter-long room that is climate controlled at minus-30 degrees Celsius. Dubbed the Ice Lab, it’s a place where LM Wind Power engineers can study the effects of freezing weather conditions on wind-turbine blades and determine how best to mitigate them.

    As wind energy gains prominence around the globe, major wind-turbine manufacturers are researching strategies that would allow their technologies to work in the coldest of climates. Because of their high winds and increased air density — not to mention their lower populations — colder regions are ideal for wind-energy production.

    Challenges abound, though, and in 2002, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind Task 19 began gathering and coordinating recommended practices on cold-climate wind energy. One area on its radar is blade icing, a problem that has been tackled by a number of manufacturers in recent years. For when ice builds up, energy production goes down, and it can even come to a halt altogether...

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    Find the full article, in the October 2017 issue of Wind Systems Magazine!

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    Advice to girls in STEM

    Play with Barbies (if you want to); Fight for experience!

    Dr. Rosemary Barnes is a Senior Engineer in Kolding, Denmark with a focus on ice mitigation. Now, Rosemary reflects on the career path that brought her to LM Wind Power, from Australia, and her experience as a woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

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