Celebrating 20 years of the GE Women’s Network, with a new hub launched in Denmark

    On September 20, we launched the hub for the GE Women’s Network in Denmark, coinciding with the network’s 20-year anniversary. Find out what motivated our colleagues to create this new branch, and learn why taking diversity to the next level is key to our company’s success.

    GE's Women’s Network is the largest of the affinity networks in the GE family, with 160 hubs across the globe and more than 70,000 participants. Though the launch of the Denmark branch took place in LM Wind Power’s Brand Center in Lunderskov, this newest addition to the network is open all GE employees in Denmark – both women and men. 

    Why do we need a Women’s Network?

    Dorte Kamper, Deputy Head of Sales, opened the event by answering the frequent question: Why do we need a women’s network?

    “At first, I didn’t think it was needed – especially in Denmark, I’ve always felt like women and men have equal opportunities and equal rights,” Dorte said. “But then, I looked at the numbers.”

    Looking at the proportion of men and women in LM and GE, there is a clear unbalance which becomes even more apparent at the top of the company. “We don’t know exactly why the gender ratio looks like this across our business, and we don’t intend to solve that in one session,” Dorte said. “But, clearly there is potential that we aren’t tapping into, and this Women’s Network can help us explore how to improve.”

    Speaking about the role of diversity in driving a high performance organization, CEO Marc de Jong said we need to address the gender gap if we want to thrive in a competitive industry.

    “If we don’t change at the top, do we have the right to tell the bottom to change?” Marc said. “As management, we need to look at what is limiting our ability to attract diverse teams, and strive to not only improve our statistics around diversity, but ultimately to make LM Wind Power a better place to work and more successful business by maximizing the potential of every employee.”

    For Roel Schuring, Vice President Engineering, addressing the gender gap in LM Wind Power and GE is a very important first step, but thereafter we need to take diversity to the next level.

    “I want to hire non-trivial candidates; there is enormous value in people who are different, from different backgrounds,” Roel said. “For instance, do we have a mix of people who have always worked in a business, together with people who have previously run their own business? Do we have a mix of people who have educated parents, compared to people who are self-made, first-generation graduates? If you bring people from such diverse backgrounds, you are really taking the next step, beyond looking at gender or nationality. That’s what excites me most.”

    What to expect from the Denmark Women’s Network

    Despite the name, this network is not only for women!   It’s about diversity and inclusion in all forms. Each year, the Denmark branch will organize between 5 and 12 events, and participants are encouraged to share their ideas about the kinds of inspiration and support they hope to gain from the network.

    “The Denmark Women’s Network is neither a forum for knitting and exchanging recipes, nor is it a feminist anti-establishment initiative,” said Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Senior Manager, Communications & Sustainability. “This is about knowledge sharing, inspiration and of course networking because we believe it will add value to the individuals who take part, to the company we are part of and to society as a whole.

    To share your suggestions for the Denmark Women’s Network, please reach out at WNDK@lmwindpower.com

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    Why do we need a Women's Network?


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