My development: Nan Zhao

    Nan joined LM Wind Power in 2010, as a project manager for developing new products.

    In 2013, Nan was promoted to Senior Manager of Engineering, and relocated from Kolding, Denmark to Beijing, China.

    How has working for LM Wind Power provided you with opportunities to develop?
    Meeting face-to-face with management during the High Potential (HiPo) program was very motivating. As a project manager, I typically focus on day-to-day specifics, but top management thinks more about strategy and overall direction. These meetings matched perfectly with the theoretical knowledge I gained from the HiPo courses. Now, I work with these terms on a daily basis, so I can see how the course has impacted my current and future positions.

    What does development mean for you?
    Development is a combination of opportunities and knowledge, and at LM Wind Power I have experienced both. The reason I joined LM Wind Power was to see how a large organization works and have more opportunities to develop myself. I have had many chances to gain more knowledge about the business, which has led to further opportunities to advance in my career.

    What advice would you give to someone who wishes to develop further?
    Follow LM Wind Power’s values! If you take ownership of a project, you will gain respect from your colleagues and leadership. If you think only about promotion and salary every day, you won’t get anywhere. Instead you should focus on what you are doing now, and then the rest will follow.

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    Working in LM Wind Power

    Nan Zhao, Engineering Senior Manager

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