My development: Manish Kumar Mishra

    Originally based in Bangalore, India, Manish joined LM Wind Power in 2010 as a Human Resources (HR) project manager.

    But Manish was recently promoted: moving to Amsterdam, for a Global HR postion as HR Systems & Business Partner, Manager.

    How has working for LM Wind Power provided you with opportunities to develop?
    The High Potential (HiPo) program really helped me understand how my growth contributes to LM Wind Power. I’m able to collaborate in a much better way with other departments after completing the modules on change management and financial management. I got more insights about working with different personality types and functions, so I can better understand the types of questions my colleagues ask me. I also gained a better understanding of cultural differences across various geographies where we are located, which will help me during implementation of any HR system/process.

    What does development mean for you?
    Personally, development means broadening my horizons — technical and behavioral. It is a continuous learning cycle which enables me to acquire knowledge and new skills and advance my existing skills. This could also mean learning and unlearning certain things, and application of such learning on the job, which in turn adds value to the business.

    What advice would you give to someone who wishes to develop further?
    I believe that development is something for which the “self” is responsible. Other people (superiors/subordinates/peers) can guide you and give their mentorship, but growth is possible only when the individual has self-realization of his/her strengths and areas of improvement.

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