My development: Jagadish Rao, Plant Director Grand Forks

    There’s a lot of distance between Bangalore, India and Grand Forks, USA — 13237 kilometers (8225 miles) to be exact! Yet, when presented with the opportunity to take on a new role in support of LM Wind Power, Jagadish Rao embraced the challenge.

    Since joining LM Wind Power in 1995, Jagadish has held various positions — Hosakote, India plant director, director of methods & process, quality and continuous improvement director for the Europe/India region, and India director of service operations. Though he had never worked abroad before, in March 2014 Jagadish moved across the world with his wife and two daughters, to serve as North America director of service operations and Grand Forks plant director.

    Now, Jagadish reflects back on his motivations for moving and his family’s experiences adjusting to life in America.

    Why did you decide to move from Bangalore to Grand Forks?
    “I had never worked abroad. Having worked for LM Wind Power in various positions in India, I felt this overseas assignment working in the U.S. was very exciting, with lots of new challenges and learning opportunities.

    I believe the experience and knowledge I am gaining by working in the USA with people of various backgrounds enhances my professional development. Additionally, we have made new friends here, learning the American ways and adopting good things from it. Both of our daughters love the school and education system here. They are now planning to join in various extra-curricular activities, like sports and music.”

    Since moving to a new country, what’s been the biggest surprise or challenge?
    “The temperature difference. We came from Bangalore (which lies in the south Indian state of Karnataka), which has a moderate climate throughout the year, and the average lowest temperature is 15 degrees Celsius (59.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in December.

    But, in Grand Forks it is very cold with below freezing temperatures and snowy winters. I had short visits to Grand Forks in the past and was aware of the weather conditions but had not experienced it fully. For my family, it is a totally new experience, as they had not seen snow before (except in movies). Snowfall looks very pretty.

    Driving on slippery roads due to snow was also a new experience for me and my family. Dropping kids to the school was challenging. Unlike in Bangalore, where the school bus picked the kids up in front of the house and dropped them back, here we have to drop off the kids every day. Now my wife (who had not driven a four-wheeler before) for the first time in her life has learned driving from the driving school , passed the driving test, and received her license, and she drives the kids to the school every day. The kids enjoy the chauffer-driven car!”

    What does development mean to you, and how has LM Wind Power provided you with opportunities to develop?
    “Development for me is a journey towards continuous improvement at both professional and personal levels. It basically starts with self-belief and a strong desire to excel. Following the ‘3D principle’ (Desire, Determination, and Drive), helps in achieving the expected goals; the sky is the limit. One should have a ‘Never Ever Give Up’ attitude in accepting and driving new challenges. Wherever I go, I keep a picture on my desk from my college days, with the message, ‘Never Ever Give Up’

    LM Wind Power provided me a platform to grow professionally with a lot of challenges and improvement opportunities in various positions. LM Wind Power being a multinational company gave me an opportunity to work with people across the globe from different cultures, and the opportunity to visit different countries. It has been a continuous learning process, acquiring new knowledge, skills, and competencies, and implementing my learnings in the positions I’ve held.

    The support and encouragement given by LM Wind Power management has been very valuable in my professional development. My current international assignment in the USA is an example of this. LM Wind Power’s value system guides us in our day-to-day business. I have grown along with the organization.”

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