My development: Erin Lanford

    Erin has been working for LM Wind Power since May 2008 – eight years and counting. He is currently Industrial Projects Manager in Little Rock, USA. He started as a Production Engineer and was responsible for a production line when the Little Rock Port facility opened in September 2008.

    After about two years with LM Wind Power, Erin moved into the role of Continuous Improvement Coordinator for the factory, and has since served as a Project Engineer in the Product Launch & Support group and then as a Quality and Engineering Manager, before transitioning to his current position in 2014. He attributes his growth within LM Wind Power to a combination of more than one element: experiences, relationships, and some training.

    How has working for LM Wind Power provided you with opportunities to develop?
    LM Wind Power has given me the opportunities to allow me to grow and develop. I often think back to 2008 and how much I’ve developed and changed since that time – professionally and personally.  Every time I got nearly comfortable in my position, another opportunity was provided for me by LM Wind Power and I accepted the new challenge. I’ve been challenged every step along the way, which has helped me grow tremendously.

    LM Wind Power has also provided me the tools to continue my development particularly the High Potential (HiPo) program. In addition to the HiPo program, I’ve been surrounded by very experienced, capable people throughout my career here. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and work on projects in many other factories with these very talented people, which always helps me to sharpen and broaden my skillset.

    What does development mean for you?
    Development is almost like exercising in my mind; I have some level of development in a certain area and, by learning through experience or shared knowledge, I exercise my skills and grow stronger over time.  And, much like physical exercise, you often do not see the results day after day, but over time you look back and can really see how far you have come along.

    What advice would you give to someone who wishes to develop further?
    I would suggest to anyone who wishes to develop further to seek new challenges and learn skills that are not necessarily typical for your position. I love to work on projects that involve people in roles or areas outside of the areas I normally deal with.  This exposure challenges you and forces you to ask questions you normally would not even think of.  It goes back to my philosophy for continual growth.

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