Meet Ya Min

    Composite Mechanics, PhD, Lead Engineer

    What is your role at LM Wind Power?
    My main responsibility is to develop new composite technology, for example, carbon and hybrid technology, and ensure high reliability for the present glass technology. Together with colleagues from the composite mechanics team, we are working with the highest industry standard to characterize the material and sub structure of wind turbine blades.

    Why work for LM Wind Power?
    I wanted to work for an international company with English as official language; secondly, I have always been doing research in the universities, so I would like to work for a company who has a big research group. Thirdly, I have a PhD in solid mechanics and research experiences in composite materials, which is very beneficial in this company. I think LM Wind Power is the perfect workplace for me.

    What’s the greatest challenge you face on the job?
    To combine my theoretical background with the knowledge and experience accumulated in LM Wind Power during three decades of blade production is the most interesting challenge I have. And it’s great being in an environment with so many highly skilled people. I am learning every day from my colleagues.

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