Meet Michael Wenani Nielsen

    Bondline Engineering, PhD, Manager

    What is your role at LM Wind Power?
    I am a Sr. Engineer in the Composite Engineering and Technology team, with the main role of working with composite mechanics, component strength analyses, component testing and also supporting production with defect reduction issues of new components and features during manufacturing. I also coordinate internal efforts regarding Design For Manufacture, where we try to close the gap and reduce the challenges we face when going from manufacturing of prototypes to a smooth roll-out in production. One of the really cool projects I have been working on involves the structural design, material selection, testing and manufacturing of our novel hot-air de-icing system.

    Why work for LM Wind Power?
    In my opinion, LM Wind Power offers a fantastic “playground” for an engineer, regardless of whether you prefer to specialize and like going into details in order to understand a problem fully, or if you’re a person that doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty in the lab or in production, in order to couple theory and practice. In short, work for LM Wind Power if you want to challenge your skills, your personality and your desire to innovate.

    What’s the greatest challenge you face on the job?
    The greatest challenge is constantly reminding yourself that everything you do should add value to the company. This can be difficult at times, for instance, when trying to solve a problem and feeling the need to go further into details in order to fully understand the task at hand as opposed to simply stopping once a solution is found. A daily challenge is also keeping many tasks rolling at the same time and continuously prioritizing, depending on urgency.

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