Meet Jesper Hasselbalch Garm

    Stress Engineering, Chief Engineer

    What is your role at LM Wind Power? 
    My job is a combination of things but the primary emphasis is on ensuring the structural integrity and development of new blades. I work to ensure that the structural design work done in the Finite Element Analysis group is following state of the art standards and I help develop new concepts which enable the blades to perform better. At LM Wind Power and particularly in the Stress Engineering group, we work with a number of calculation and automation tools which are under constant development to consider the latest technology and to make the design process faster. My job is to follow this process closely and to make sure we continuously improve.

    Why work for LM Wind Power?
    I like working for LM Wind Power because of the challenging engineering tasks and the possibility to work together with so many highly skilled colleagues. There’s also a great working environment here which is based on a large degree of freedom to influence your tasks.

    What’s the greatest challenge you face on the job?
    The constant demand for new and lighter blade structures that need to be structurally safe at higher and higher loads.  This ever evolving challenge ensures that things never get boring and I can honestly say that even after 10+ years of working at LM Wind Power, I still love my job.

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