Meet Allan Riber

    Product Design & Engineering, Senior Director

    What is your role at LM Wind Power?
    My primary objective is to ensure that the design of our wind turbine blades is competitive and of extremely high quality. My job is partly to execute a portfolio of new blade development projects, which secures LM Wind Power’s profitability and leading position. The other part is maintenance, operations support and continuous improvement of the blades in serial production in the factories around the world. I am part of the Engineering management team and contribute to strategy and budget creation. And I am very privileged to have approximately 65 leading specialists and project managers in my department located in four different offices around the world.

    Why work for LM Wind Power?
    I want to work for an industry leader with a strong R&D function and in-house laboratories, test facilities and production. I love to work with high level specialists and I love to see the final physical product produced in our factories. Our products are designed for very extreme conditions, which is a great challenge. They are BIG, beautiful and they contribute to creating sustainable energy.

    What’s the greatest challenge you face on the job?
    My team and I must secure LM Wind Power’s product leadership position, and it is a major challenge every day. We continuously strive to move the borders of what is possible, while delivering a reliable and competitive product for our customers. As a leader, it is always a challenge to continuously motivate and move your people for better and better performance, while maintaining work-life-balance.

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