Graduates are the future of LM Wind Power and the industry

    Recently, a group of students from reputed schools within wind visited our Brand Center in Lunderskov and they gave very specific feedback.

    ”Seeing the blades in real life is indescribable compared to crunching numbers in a classroom”,

    ”The employees seem very knowledgeable and friendly”,

    ”The demonstration and information provided are really comprehensive compared to other companies we visited”

    These were just some of the comments from the student visitors from Ase Aeolus and WESA who recently came for a tour of our Technology Center in Denmark. 

    Explaining the background for the visit, HR Business Partner, Kasper Vedsted Andersen, who hosted the group said: “LM Wind Power has a strategic focus on nursing relations with relevant universities and student associations to position the company with potential employees of the future.  We need to be able to bring in new talents continuously that have the ability to contribute with new knowledge within blade design and manufacturing.  Combining the experience of current employees and the potential from young talent is crucial. It is a balancing act and it is a core philosophy of LM Wind Power,” said Kasper.

    Kasper's welcome presentation provided insight into the organization, innovation, development and values of the company. He was accompanied by two Conceptual Design Engineers: Christian Frank Andersen, Director of Conceptual Design, and Armin Hermes, Engineer. As a recent Wind Energy graduate of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Armin shared his reasons for wanting to join LM Wind Power and how he has found his first months as an engineer.  “I was attracted by the combination of experience as the world’s biggest blade manufacturer and the strong focus on development. In combination with a lot of flexibility, possibilities of personal development and a flat hierarchy, that was a perfect match.”

    Looking back now on his first few months of working in LM Wind Power he said: “I am very happy to work here! My job is very thrilling, the tasks are challenging, my colleagues are an endless source of knowledge and experience they are willing to share and working conditions are excellent. LM Wind Power does it’s best to boost my personal development while ensuring a lot of freedom, thus I look forward to a future with LM Wind Power.”

    Insight into life at LM Wind Power

    Many of the students gave positive feedback indicating the presentation from Armin was very relevant and that they were able to relate to him as a result of his connection of his views of the company and his experience so far. For Armin he could easily relate to them as he was in their position not long ago – “It was really interesting meeting these students and seeing how they are in the same situation as I was one year ago in regards to finishing education and looking towards the future and making life decisions concerning their career path.”

    Looking a bit more broadly, Kasper sent out a short survey of the students’ motivation and considerations when choosing where to work. The feedback indicated that development and training, a clear career path and a close fit with the company’s vision, culture and values are at the very top of the list.

    Kasper had carefully designed the tour to address this, combining information on technology and the world’s longest blade of 88.4 with insights on sustainability and LM Wind Power’s success in the market place.

    “We are going to be even more focused on positioning the firm and target the interests of relevant students, to ensure we are present in their minds when looking for an employer.  LM Wind Power is an international, innovative and values driven organization that works in an industry that helps create a more sustainable world. These are unique selling points in the race for the talents,” Kasper concluded.


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    Graduates visit

    Our colleagues, Kasper and Armin, spoke to a group of students from Ase Aelous and WESA at our Brand Center in Denmark. 


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