Pure wind at 105 meters per second

    Our engineers and scientists use our custom made wind tunnel to optimize the aerodynamic benefits of our blades. Tests of airfoils in the wind tunnel helps in understanding the complexity of flow physics and allows the continuous development of numerical approaches. 

    Simulating dynamic operating wind conditions

    We examine aerodynamic properties and experiment with different solutions for actively controlling the loads on our blades. with advanced technology, we generate aeromechanic designs through a process of numerical simulations which are validated in our very own wind tunnel.

    The tunnel dimensions are 1.35 m width, 2.70 m height and 7.00 m length. This gives very little blockage and only limited streamline curvature for an airfoil model with a 900 mm chord. A maximum wind speed of 105 m/s can be generated in the wind tunnel and a cooling system in the tunnel is used to remove the excess heat at high wind speeds.

    Test setup
    The test setup for the airfoil model involves a high-accuracy turn table device for holding the airfoil model, as well as an automatic traverse system holding a wake rake. In total almost 300 sensors are used to characterize the airfoil flow including differential pressure sensors and a load cell system. An automatic data acquisition system allows a high level of uniformity between different tests. To qualify flow patterns with flow visualization techniques, we apply established methods utilizing infrared camera, tufts, smoke and oil.

    One of the upcoming challenges at our wind tunnel is to conduct high precision experiments to measure the sound level generated by an airfoil. This means new skills, measurement technologies and a tuning of the current wind tunnel to a low sound level aero-acoustic laboratory.

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