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    The best possible protection during blade transport

    be certain that your blades are handled correctly from the moment they leave our factories to the time they are mounted on the turbines.

    The Blades Logistics Solution is a supplementary logistics service offered to our customers. We leverage global transportation, blade handling competency, fixture solutions, and in-plant shipment coordination into a single, focused resource.

    We enable easier communication and a low total delivery cost due to improved transportation efficiency, route optimization, and contract negotiation. LM Wind Power also offers installation support, which enables easy coordination. Furthermore, our customers can be certain their blades are handled correctly from the moment they leave our factories to the time they are mounted on the turbines.

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    Logistics made easy

    Our Blade Logistics Solution leverages the global transportation activity, blade handling competency, fixture solutions, and in-plant shipment coordination to offer all-inclusive logistics packages to our customers.

    Safe Package despite a long voyage

    Our engineering team has evolved the Pack and Stack model of transporting wind turbine blades over 10 years to ensure maximum protection and minimize cost

    Logistics of wind turbine blades has gradually come to account for a significant percentage of the costs associated with setting up wind turbines. The blades are also getting longer and heavier, therefore transport – whether by sea or by road – has become a major challenge. Any damage to wind turbine blades while in transit to the wind farm causes considerable disruption and delay, and unnecessary costs to the customer. LM Wind Power engineers have evolved a model for transport, which reduces the risk of damage and the burden of cost. The concept called Pack and Stack, can be used to transport virtually all LM Wind Power blade types – both by sea, barge and road. It makes handling less complicated and offers the best possible protection during transport. The Pack and Stack design features a bracket identical to those on standard shipping containers. This allows us to stack up to three cradles on top of each other on board – with significant savings for our customers. And when these special transport cradles are ready to be returned after use, they can be packed together so that they only take up the equivalent of a 20-foot or 40-foot container.

    Transport of two prototype GloBlades 42.1 from Tianjin, China to Lunderskov for testing. Transport via air cargo in the world's largest airplane the Antonov 225. Landed in Skrydstrup airport, Denmark on June 10, 2010.

    A long but safe flight

    Two 42.1 meter test blades were brought to Denmark from China by the world's biggest airplane, Antonov 225 in June 2010. The blades went through extensive testing in LM Wind Power’s Global Technology Center in Lunderskov. But that is not the story. The blades were transported with not so much as a scratch on their surface.  If you ever needed reassurance, that your wind turbine components are in the best hands, then this is it.

    A service technician after finishing his work on a wind turbine.
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    Technology is our business.

    What does it take to build a reliable blade, able to withstand whatever forces nature brings its way over more than 20 years?

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    Our innovative designs have defined generations of wind turbine blades, and we continue to inspire and define the industry with cutting-edge technology and products.