Rotor and blade in a wind turbine park.


    The project combines expertise from the wind turbine industry and scientific community on ultra wideband radio wave propagation and antenna capabilities and creates a new technology for measuring and control of wind turbine blades.

    The project will enable launch of intelligent rotor solutions that use the blade response as measure of wind field swept by the rotor and control wind turbine to allow use of longer and lighter blades. This sensor system will allow for a significant improvement in the cost of wind energy.

    Program: Innovation Fund Denmark
    Responsible company: LM Wind Power A/S
    Partners: LMWP, KK Wind Solutions A/S, PolyTech, AAU
    Period: 2013/9 - 2017/3 (3,5 years)

    Contact at LM Wind Power: Claus Byskov

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    14  July 2015

    Danish companies and scientists brings new life to wind power

    Fact: Intelligent blades create energy (TV2 Nyhederne - In Danish)

    14 july 2015

    Danish companies and scientists brings new life to wind power

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    15 July 2015

    Interdisciplinary collaboration creates innovation for future wind turbines

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    Innovate for Excellence


    Reducing the cost of energy with variable tip lengths.

    Finished blades in a row outside LM Wind Power production facility in Qinhuangdao in China
    Innovate for Excellence


    Increasing annual energy production offshore.

    Innovate for Excellence

    Technology is in our DNA

    Our cutting-edge blade designs make wind power more compelling by reducing the cost of energy.

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