Finished blades in a row outside LM Wind Power production facility in Qinhuangdao in China


    The project aims to increase production of offshore wind farms by implementing innovative blade tips on offshore wind turbines. There is huge untapped potential to increase the AEP of an offshore wind farm by application of blade tips that are designed from an integrated perspective of an offshore wind farm.

    The project aims to design and demonstrate three innovative tips. All three blade tips can be applied while also applying flexible blade lengths.The energy output of offshore wind turbines is less constrained by for instance noise limitations, therefore the blade tip can be designed in a more effective manner. In addition, taking into account that offshore wind turbines operate in waked conditions most of the time, it will lead to additional power output.

    The blade tips developed in this project will increase the AEP of the offshore wind farm by 2% and when combined with flexible blade length the AEP will be increased up to 6%. Since the cost of the blade tips are relatively small compared to the improved power output, the InnoTip project results therefore in a CoE-reduction of 2% to 6% and makes the use of wind energy more attractive.

    Program: TKI Wind Op Zee (TKI-WoZ)
    Responsible company: LM Wind Power R&D (Holland) B.V; NL
    Partners: LMWP (NL), ECN (NL)
    Period: 2015/1 - 2017/6 (2,5 years)

    Contact at LM Wind Power:


    Jordy Hertel Nilsson van Kalken 

    Tel    +45 7984 0626
    Mob  +45 5339 6726

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